Jofre Porta


1.- Biography:   Due to my inability to remain concentrated in an enclosed area (if it wasn’t a Barça-Madrid match on tv) from a young age, I managed to convince even my father that studies were not my destiny but sports .

Choosing tennis was a empirical decision. My first choice, but better to call it a dream, was to be basketball player. It was too far( too tall ) to reach. Another possibility was to become a basketball coach, I was fascinated by it and my father was a great influence, the conversation with him was more or less as follows:

    • Well, now what?


  • I don’t think I will grow 25 cm taller in the next 18 months.



  • Yeah, and?



  • Then I can be a basketball coach. After all, its a sport that I play.



  • First of all,  how many basketball coaches can live of this passion in Barcelona?



  • How do I know? 10, 15?



  • I don’t think its that many, but it doesn’t matter. How many can live of tennis in Barcino (my home club) alone ?



  • Well, I don’t know. 5, 10?



  • Do you see the proportion? If I were you I would save for a pair of rackets more.



This conversation marked the rest of my life. My love for tennis started then. Although it wasn’t my first choice, I have always been a hundred percent passionate and gave all my ability in everything that I have done in tennis. One day Javier, a colleague of the Barcino Tennis club, said to me suddenly:

    • Do you want to try a job in Mallorca?


  • Why is that?



  • I sent a lot of cv’s and they responded from there, but I see myself more in the world of the arbitration.




So I showed up at the airport in Mallorca and Miguel Angel Inocencio, my future new boss, collects me and greets me “welcome Javier” and I replied “thank you, but I am Jofre, I hope it isn’t a problem”

And there begins a new phase that brings us up to this moment. Many things have happened (opportunities and/or problems, I’ve never been good at differentiating them, in fact I have always preferred to believe that we speak of challenges), great dedication, worked very hard and was very demanding on myself, my team and the people who placed their hopes in us. En una ocasión me dijeron que, uno es duro de una manera inversa a la seguridad que tiene uno en sí mismo, ¡Dios, cuan inseguro debía ser! Lo que pasa es que debo seguir siéndolo, pues no veas como sigo gritando… Pero puestos a escoger frases, prefiero la de Capello; “el halago debilita”, que bien entendida y sin llevarla a extremos puede ser el centro de un sistema deportivo-educativo, y si no, que se lo pregunten a Toni Nadal. 2.- The Key: Success: Success is composed of several variables which include talent, fortune, originality and 90% effort. Fortune:Yes, possibly, but as I am not able to control this aspect, I prefer to let it flow and concentrate on what I might be able to control. Know exactly you want, be honest and believe in yourself: Vivir la realidad y no crear cuentos de hadas que solo llevan a la frustración. La felicidad la debemos encontrar en la búsqueda de los objetivos, no en su consecución. La excesiva prisa retrasa los proyectos.  La honestidad con uno mismo es lo que hace grande al individuo. El problema debemos buscarlo primero en nosotros mismos, cuando lo buscamos alrededor nuestro nunca encontraremos la solución, solo excusas. El optimismo no es un estado, es una forma de ser y el único camino a la felicidad. La humildad es gratis, la soberbia carísima ¿por qué pagar por ella? Work-discipline-effort: Los proyectos que huelen a sudor suelen salir mejor que los que huelen a colonia. Facilitar las cosas nos evita la confrontación de los problemas, y acabamos idiotizando a los alumnos. Training / Innovation, change: Todo está conectado y el equilibrio es lo que te lleva al éxito. La motivación externa solo es  un medio para estimular  la intrínseca, que es la realmente importante. Nuestra capacidad de adaptación es la única solución, cuan rápida sea la hará más o menos efectiva.  Cómo puedo aprender a tomar decisiones si siempre las tomáis por mí. El fracaso es un estado mental, es el camino que indica lo que se está haciendo mal para corregirlo y focalizarlo. 3.- Sporting Curriculum: Jofre Porta, renowned for having had professional links with Carlos Moyá and Rafa Nadal. He is a student and philosopher of tennis, he dedicates a big part of his time and effort investigating on how to help tennis players maximise their potential. He has been on this journey of tennis for a long time and now can account for, among others, the experience of having accompanied Carlos Moya around the world (no:1 ATP 1999) for five years. Many players and trainers(coaches) have been interested in his work and have hired his services as a coach. He has educated and shared his  knowledge with many young people, some children with talent, for example Carlos Moyá, whom he was with just over ten years or Rafa Nadal whom (together with Toni Nadal) he trained for eight years when he was the director of the Center of Modernization of Balears (EBE). He has been a captain of the Spanish selection team in the Nations cup  (Dussendolf 2011); he was for three years in the Spanish Tennis Federation’s ( la Real Federacion Espanola de Tenis ) groups of competition; a Committee Member of Formation in the Spanish Tennis Federation,(RFET) Nike adviser for two years, Professor in the Master’s degree of Tennis at the International University of Valencia etc. He is a professor of tennis for the RFET and has worked as a sports commentator on IB3 TV, and in addition his possible collaborations as technical adviser in companies such as Tennis4theworld, Itusa, Dartfish and many others. For a few years now he has been travelling the world explaining his methodology, derived from the union of his experiences and knowledge, and many sporting entities have been interested in hiring him, including several national federations and the ITF.  Australia, Mexico, Argentina, Italy, Brazil, Germany, Ireland, Turkey are among the countries where he has been invited to give lectures and workshops. Currently he is the director of the International Academy GLOBAL TENNIS TEAM, where he develops and puts into practice what he has learned by applying this methodology called GlobalSystem. 4.- Projects: 4.1.- International Academy Global Tennis Team. 4.2.- Conferences. 4.3.- Sports Training. 4.4.- Top4: Tennis School. 4.5.- Graphology applied to sports.

4.1.- Global Tennis Team:


  The place in which Jofre and his team put their theory into practice, the best of all his project, is the International Tennis Academy GLOBAL TENNIS TEAM.It is a school created for the competition.An avant-garde methodology of training that combines the technical-tactical-physical-mental aspects of a sportsman as such. Since they don’t believe in a line that separates one aspect from another, they integrate all aspects into a single system. In short, an integrated system called Global System.  The loyalty of our pupils, the large number of technical staff who visit us to see our work and the results of our players, endorse our enthusiasm and this forms our distinguished way of understanding what an Academy is.

4.2.- Conferences:


  The combination of his experiences and knowledge gave birth to his own methodology that together with his unique way of explaining himself, gives the listener the urge to search in new directions.  Alot of sporting bodies which are interested in his methods have hired his services. Amongst others are several national federations and the ITF Australia, Mexico, Argentina, Italy, Germany, Ireland, Turkey, Scotland, Brazil are some of the countries where he has done lectures and workshops.  He has the capacity to adapt accordingly and share his knowledge with the public. As a result, his conferences converts into a way of communicating by intergrating with the crowd. How to plan for a season, how to educate a champion, lateralities, the spirit of the training, biomechanics, motivation, the curse of tennis are among the topics that he covers.  Different entities have hired the services of Jofre, for exampleMovistar, Sanchez & associates, The Bay Group, etc. They were interested in his knowledge and experiences which are applicable to all other fields such as team work, time management, leadership, how to overcome difficult moments, decision making etc. Conferences link

4.3.- Sports Formation:  link




4.4.- Top4 Tennis School:

  Top4 is a sports center that started under the management of Mateu Palmer, who has dedicated his whole life to the sport, especially to tennis and pádel. He manages the pádel school and appointed Jofre Porta as director and manager of the Tennis school. In this school the methodology JofrePorta (which is adaptable to every need) while the objective of this school has a component more fun and social and not so much the approach to pure competition. In Top4 there are also 14 padel courts, a fitness room with 14 instructors willing to advise them on physical activity and a physical therapist who supervises the processes. A high performance coach and a nutritionist specialized are also amongst the staff of Top4.

In the Wellness Spa area (mixed) there is a heated swimming pool with jets and waterfall, as well as a jacuzzi, Turkish bath, sauna, cold water pools and relaxing therapies. Regain your strength after a sports session or just relax and enjoy speaking of sporting events at the restaurant Café (Wi-Fi) with a large terrace.

In short, we believe that Top4 is an excellent choice as a sports centre as it has more than 2100 m2 of facilities and great professionals at your service.

4.5.- Grafoteraphy:

Science Helper studying graphic and calligraphic learned model variations and their psychological inter-pretation. Neuroscientists have discovered that when a neuron dies, it is possible to develop dendrites that make contacts with other neurons or sy-napses following a path different from the original, but reaching a goal more or less simi-lar and even creating new ones This allows the brain train bidirectionally through permeability changes our neurons. Words produce stimuli to execu-te the act scriptural or vice ver-sa, write to produce stimuli that modify behavior. Excellent chart for sporting attitude of each student .

    • Coach allows the immediate identification of the strengths and weaknesses of each athlete.


  • Enhancing coaching effectiveness. Enables learning methodology to know your weaknesses.



  • Allows distribution of training loads in those slots higher performance.



  • It improves the speed of information pro-cessing neuromotor improving efficiency



What is Cognitive Telemetry®? Definition of Cognitive: Cognitive development focuses on intellectual and be-havioral procedures, it is a consequence of the will, so it is linked to the natural ability of humans to adapt and integrate. It is a proper factor of personality. Definition of Telemetry:  Telemetry is automatic measurement and data transmis-sion by wire, radio or other means from a remote source, in this case the source is the brain of the athlete. What can be measured by the Cognitive Telemetry®?

    1. Sporting Attitude.


  • Intellectual Skills.



  • Emotional Skills.



  • Temperaments.



  • Motivation.



  • Fixed mindset.



  • Growth Mindset.



  • Physical capacity.



  • Assessing the accuracy and performance.