Jofre Porta


Team work:
Although it may seem otherwise, in tennis one should work in a team to overcome the difficult moments. A group of people working together without coordination, do not form a team. Strategy, clear concepts, coordination, work, security, etc. , and while it is true that in an individual sport, the final decision always rests on oneself, every moment must be planned and trained…

Time management:

To properly manage the time we need to start by becoming aware of how we use it: we have 24 hours a day and we need to divide it accordingly, priorities given on how much time one needs to sleep, if it is enough half an hour to eat, etc. We will have to control the daily activities in our work and how much time it takes…

The motivation in the situation of crisis:

Productivity, effectiveness, honesty, safety, believe in yourself and in what you do… The challenge in the decision-making, the complexity of these aggravated by a crisis situation… In sports, the crisis (understood as juncture of change subject and evolution) is perennial, constant, necessary…


I always remind people that the glamour that we see on court has nothing to do with the effort and the ingratitude of the life of the tennis player. Just as in life itself, sports and especially the high competition

Sport Conferences

Planing of a season:

The variants in tennis are so many and so great that we must have the ability to constantly change the periodization. Our proposal is a diversity of work in blocks (A.T.R.) adapted to the needs of the tennis (and possibly all cyclist sports). The charm is its simplicity, both in understanding it and applying it in a team.

It is endorsed by the Royal Spanish Tennis Federation and was presented at the world congress of the I. T. F. in Turkey.


We think we know whether we are right or left-handed, but we do not know what we are in each segment… Being left-handed or right-handed, not only affect the movement, but it has psychological parameters… We should know if we can enhance or limit these conditions.

Educate a champion:

The only thing we can be sure of is that we live in a world of changes.More than knowledge, the character of a person will be a determining factor for success. The role of parents, trainers and their manner of exercising authority will be vital to build the character of young people and help them to decide on his own life…

The spirit of training:

It is best to aim at perfection and fail, than to aim at imperfection and hit the target…


To get victory in a confrontation, dispute or competition, or to be defeated. Motivation requires that there is a need, it’s the will to make an effort, to achieve the goals…

Curse of tennis:

Being the eldest of a family of several brothers, has a precocious development in childhood… There are a number of circumstances in which statistics and logic indicate that long-term sports development is difficult. Let’s take a look at how to compensate and overcome these circumstances

Biomecchanics for those who do not underestand the word:

The word alone is scary enough … We try to get rid of the fear, to simplify it up to the point of making use of biomechanics for our own interests. We will try to define our sport and to understand it as a sport basically of brakings and launchings …

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