Jofre Porta

Jofre Porta in Melbourne


Delegate comments:

·         “Jofre Porta was excellent.”

·         “Jofre Porta worth his weight in gold!

·         “Jofre Porta was outstanding during the week and it was an absolute pleasure to spend a few extra hours listening to him preach. Loved every minute of it!”

·         “I thought Jofre Porta had fantastic drills.”

·         “Jofre made it simple but effective.”

·         “The concepts from Jofre Porta on some variations of Spanish drills and how to get the drills interesting and motivating for the players.”

·         “Jofre = excellent.”

·         “Jofre was a stand out.”

·         “I enjoyed the insights Jorfe Porta gave on Spanish tennis.”

·         “I feel like I learned the most from Jofre, like it’s not who can run the fastest, but who can stop better and I enjoyed when he said that you have just made 25 mistakes in 2 shots.”